I am frustrated with the belief that photographic and cinematic images are second to reality and are accurate depictions of the way human beings experience the world.  In my opinion, this perception is one based not in truth rather out of the mental convenience provided by the tangible object. Both still and moving images inhabit a confined two dimensional space, which compresses the past down to a form that can be transported with us into the future.  Within the framework of the human mind, separating time from space is nearly impossible given that wherever we are there time is.  The same is true of memory.  Time and memory inhabit a space that is neither still not moving it is simply being. Film based imagery  is not the living past, rather a tangible reinforcement in the belief that the past is no longer alive or accessible.  The photograph undermines our ability to access the living past from within the confines of our own minds.


To create an alternative means for the preservation of  time/memory so that one may revisit a moment  in a more authentic and meaningful way that reinforces rather than destroys our internal visualization of time. This object will be capable of maintaining life's dynamism instead of compressing it to the confined, 2d surface of a photograph or film.